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Warehouse Management Mobile App

Like other companies whose operations are dependent on effective warehouse operations, our client faced challenges related to inventory, order picking, storage locations, redundant processes, and warehouse management costs.

Order Fulfillment Mobile App

Transitioning from pen and paper to a digital, automated order fulfillment mobile app does not have to be a disruptive process. 

Software, hardware development and enclosure design of a control and advertising distribution system composed of multiple touch panels.

Transform and enhance the role that the car’s multimedia system plays in the driving experience.

Enhance the comfort and experience of drivers by adding new features and increasing the safety of seats installed in mid to high-end cars.

Supporting clients better connect and engage with their users through responsive, modern and interactive web-based apps.

Development of a complete IoT product including hardware, embedded software, mobile app, and management web app.

Simplify the driving experience through intelligent applications that assist the driver and passengers.

Development of profiling tools and automated testing tools specially designed for the network component of the infotainment system.

Further development and customization of an invoice management system based on ELO.

Increase the productivity and safety level of automated machines by equipping them with new, cutting-edge sensor technology.

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