Seat Control Unit Software for Top German Automotive OEM


The client wanted to enhance the comfort and experience of its customers by adding new features and increasing the safety of seats installed in its mid to high-end cars. At the same time, they also wanted to increase performance and reduce costs of the seat control units by implementing a new generation of micro-controllers.


The client wanted to port its current software to the new generation of micro-controllers, augment it with new functional and safety features, and even create a dedicated Fail-Safe Software module.

The client saw the immense potential to reduce the cost of development by changing the development processes to a more agile way of working. This has almost become a standard for companies who need to achieve high throughput while minimizing budgets in industries like mobile and web.


Having experience in automotive software development as well as agile software development for mobile and web, our team members were the perfect fit to complement the client’s development team and ensure a successful outcome. This work included:

  • Implementation of software modules according to DOORS requirements.
  • Refactoring the CAN Network Handling code.
  • Development of a Fail-Safe Software Module that is responsible for continuous monitoring of the seat control unit and resets it or shuts it down if it has unexpected behaviors.
  • Unit testing and bug fixing for the existing modules that needed to be ported to the new micro-controller.
  • Architecture and development of a common shared software library for all the seat project of the client. This library ensures code re-usability and consequently reduces development costs.
  • All code was written in C.


This project resulted in a successful multi-year partnership. The client decided to leverage our team not only for the development phase but also through the release and maintenance phase.

Key features:

  • Port current software to the new generation of micro-controllers
  • Development of a Fail-Safe Software Module
  • Performed unit test-coding for robustness including edge cases, usability, stability, and general reliability

Industry: Automotive

Technologies: C, CAPL, CAN, AUTOSAR

Tools: Vector CANoe, Candela, GENy, Eclipse, Ideas, SWATT, Doors, MKS, IMS

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