Warehouse Management Mobile App

for a Global Supplier of Apparel and Textile Accessories


Our client, a leading global manufacturer, and supplier of apparel and textile accessories, for whom we have developed an Order Fulfillment Mobile App, wanted to continue the collaboration and requested us to take over a similar mobile app used in other warehouses that have a different process.

The client wanted us to complete the partially implemented Order Fulfillment process and add a few more processes essential for the proper operation of its warehouses.


Like other companies whose operations are dependent on effective warehouse operations, our client faced challenges related to inventory, order picking, storage locations, redundant processes, and warehouse management costs. Here’s a breakdown of these challenges.

  • Inventory Accuracy & Tracking

Our client needed to ensure that the inventory levels in the warehouse management system reflected the real quantities in stock and that all the items were easy to track regardless of their location or status within the warehouse.

  • Order Picking Speed and Accuracy

Warehouse pickers needed to find the correct items in the right location. This required better prioritization when picking, effective picking routines, and avoiding working on overlapping tasks.

  • Storage Location Accuracy

Items needed to be stored in the right place within the warehouse to facilitate picking and avoid lost items. This included put away items, returned items, and items with other status levels. Pickers needed to always be able to find the correct items and to know where to search for them.

  • Redundant Processes

At the same time, our client wanted to minimize human mistakes resulting in the wrong items or quantities being picked or shipped, which in turn created more returns and additional expenses related to stock management.

  • Cost of the Warehouse Operations

Our client wanted to optimize the cost of warehouse operations by making the picking and warehouse management processes more effective through proper time management and a transparent tracking system.


To solve the warehouse management challenges our client was facing, our team “picked up” the existing software and built upon it a WMS Mobile App that warehouse staff could use on their mobile devices.

The app now walks the warehouse workers step by step through all the warehouse management processes—all that the workers have to do is follow the on-screen instructions.

Whenever they perform an operation, they have to confirm it by scanning the respective item, which ensures stock accuracy at all times and reduces human mistakes.

The WMS Mobile App we developed enabled our client to perform the following:

  • Pick orders faster and with higher accuracy
  • Connect Picking Orders to the multi-tiered, picking cart’s batch Put to Light system
  • Create Customer Orders on demand
  • Receive and Put Away items with ease
  • Move inventory between warehouses efficiently
  • Support barcode scanning using device integrated and Bluetooth scanners
  • Work in both online and offline modes
  • Integrate it with the existing SAP system


The app we developed runs on our client’s industrial mobile devices, uses Bluetooth scanners and device integrated scanners, integrates with the client’s existing SAP system, and works online as well as offline.

  • The app allows for effective batch picking and warehouse to warehouse stock transfers, enabling individual pickers to reduce travel time and fill more orders faster.
  • The software system we helped to implement provides pickers with all the information they need to know, including the bay they need to go to, which product to pick, and where they should place it in the cart.
  • For each item, the picker must scan it before putting it in the box. This eliminates confusion and enables the tracking of items during the order fulfillment process. Without scanning an item, a picker would not know where exactly to place it in the cart.
  • The Put-Away and Customer Order modules now allow our client to better manage stock and direct sales at their location.

Effective warehouse management and order fulfillment are often a question of simplification: reducing the number of steps and devices required to perform a process through actionable software solutions that can be integrated within existing systems. We have helped our client achieve this and streamline their workhouse operations in a way that benefits both their warehouse staff and their customers.

Key features:

  • integration with the Put To Light system
  • process optimization
  • barcode scanning
  • integration with SAP

Industry: Apparel

Technologies: Xamarin Forms,  C#, Bluetooth, SAP

Tools: Visual Studio, Azure DevOps, AppCenter

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