Invoice Management System Customization


The client is a software company from Frankfurt, Germany. They provide customization for ELO, a suite of software tools for the modern automated office and its integration with other software.


Our client was working on behalf of a German construction company. The construction company had an outdated invoice management system that made poor use of human resources. The system was liable to human-error and was expensive to manage.

The client did not have the necessary in-house resources to fulfill this project for the construction company.


Marsner was asked to assist with the project as our team has extensive experience working with technologies needed to streamline the invoice management system.

Marsner implemented a module that handled rules for user access to different parts of the invoice management system and streamlined error handling.

This module also allowed the administrator to dynamically add and revoke rights to existing users and the possibility to add new ones. A bespoke user interface was developed to assist the end customer in using this module.

The invoice handling system was adapted to handle company specific scanned invoices and corresponding delivery notes, monitor for errors or any mismatches, send them either to the error handling process or to the correct invoice handling process. It would also notify the appropriate individual for each process. Depending on the decision of the appropriate user, the system had to store the invoice, delivery note and their corresponding metadata in the system as handled or flag them for manual handling.

Following testing the system in real-world conditions, Marsner worked with the client to further improve the process and reduce manual involvement.


Marsner assisted the client to implement this project successfully, thus helping the final customer reduce manual work, lowering his operational costs and also the error rate of handling his invoices.

Key features:

  • Applied automation technology, reducing the need for manual work
  • Reduced mistakes and errors in the invoicing process
  • Streamlined user access to the system

Industry: DMS

Technologies: ELO, Java, JavaScript, HTML

Tools: IntelliJ, Jira, Git

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