Research and Development of a Sensor System for Global Industrial Automation Provider


A global industrial automation provider wanted to help its customers increase the productivity and safety level of its machines by equipping them with new, cutting-edge sensor technology.


The client’s vision was a sensor system that could detect personnel and other obstacles in real-time and prevent collisions by automatically adapting the machine’s working speed.

Additional factors such as smog, dense vapor and personnel dressed in thick, protective clothing – typical for an extreme industrial environment – made this project particularly challenging.

The client was looking for partners experienced in software and hardware development of similar devices, to ensure a successful prototype was developed.


As the Marsner Technologies team members had vast experience developing hardware and software solutions, they were perfectly suited for this project.

Marsner’s experts helped the client conceptualize and execute the development, assisting them in achieving all goals and ultimately gaining a major competitive edge:

  • Completed sensor system model simulation utilizing the client’s machine testing and simulation system
  • Identified best practices including area detection, blind spots and best possible sensor arrangements using real data (C, C#, WPF, WinForms)
  • Outlined technical specifications for sensor customization
  • Developed hardware for the entire prototype, managing many sensors simultaneously
  • Developed a component controlling the sensor and collecting data
  • Managed testing environment development for sensor calibration (C#, WPF, Python) required for certifications
  • Completed data analysis and conceptual adjustments
  • Developed the prototype including hardware and software

Quality assurance (QA) always has been a key focus for Marsner. Internal guidelines and process management helped to make this project cost and time effective.


Marsner successfully guided and executed the project, allowing the client to strengthen their position in the market.

  • Implemented all stages ranging from the simulated system to physical prototype
  • Provided the client with insights and identified potential opportunities throughout the project
  • Effectively met all the needs of the client’s in-house engineering team
  • Kept the project running smoothly by ensuring regular presentations and effective communication around key milestones
  • Met all deadlines and objectives

Following the completion of the project, the client expressed utmost satisfaction about the collaboration.

Key features:

  • Equipping machines with cutting-edge sensor technology
  • Increase the productivity and safety level of machines
  • Implemented all stages ranging from the simulated system to physical prototype

Industry: Robotics

Technologies: Embedded C / C++, C#, WPF, WinForms, Python

Tools: Enterprise Architect, RobotStudio, Visual Studio, Eclipse, TFS, Mercurial

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