Order Fulfillment Mobile App

for a Global Supplier of Apparel and Textile Accessories


Transitioning from pen and paper to a digital, automated order fulfillment mobile app does not have to be a disruptive process. Our client, a leading global manufacturer, and supplier of apparel and textile accessories, is a case in point.

Our client develops, manufactures, and distributes products and solutions for a wide range of customer groups, including department stores, wholesalers, retailers, online shops, and production companies. With over 20 locations across continents, the company manages multiple warehouses and fulfills orders on a day-to-day basis.

By digitizing a manual process prone to errors, the company wanted to increase order fulfillment accuracy, speed up the order fulfillment time, ensure customer satisfaction by minimizing returns, and reduce the costs associated with them. They wanted to achieve this through a mobile application that leverages the data from their existing SAP system and is compatible with enterprise-grade smartphones and tablets.


The adoption of the new order fulfillment mobile app had to be seamless for warehouse operators. This called for a solution with a short learning curve so that users could start utilizing it right away.

The application had to be intuitive — it had to guide the user through the entire order fulfillment and preparation process so that he or she could complete tasks with ease and avoid making mistakes.

To efficiently use the time of each operator, the app had to support batch picking, so that the user can pick multiple orders in one journey through the warehouse.

What is more, the warehouse route had to be optimized so that the user could collect the products in the shortest amount of time possible.

The presence of more than two operators in the warehouse at all times meant that their paths might cross or that they could meet before the same stack of product, and that each of them would inadvertently slow down the other from completing his or her task. The route optimization had to take these factors into account.

Offline capabilities were required to ensure that the order fulfillment mobile application could operate all at times, even in the case of network problems, power outages, and other unforeseeable network events.


Marsner Technologies used Agile methodologies to develop an intuitive and streamlined order fulfillment mobile app integrated with the client’s existing SAP system, which could also work offline. Extensive testing and code optimization ensured that the app overcame all design challenges to enable efficient process automation for the client.

  • The warehouse route optimization feature built into the app was adapted to factor in product weight, concurrent users, and the warehouse layout to provide ideal routes for operators and help them save time picking items.
  • The intuitive app interface enabled operators to start using it right away without the need for specialized training. It will guide them through every step, making sure that they can’t make any mistakes, since they can’t move from one process step to the other, if they are not at the right position in the warehouse, they didn’t scan the right product or they didn’t put it in the right bin.
  • The app was integrated with Bluetooth ring scanner technology to allow for quick inventory operations.
  • The solution was developed with scalability and long-term cost-efficiency in mind, allowing it to be easily updated and further expanded with new features.


The new order fulfillment app enabled the leading global accessories supplier to take full advantage of the warehouse process digitalization and complete the transition to an order fulfillment mobile system.

  • The most important return for the client was a big increase in the efficiency of his warehouse.
  • The solution helped the client to minimize and eliminate human-related order fulfillment errors all this while decreasing the time of fulfilling customer’s orders and preparing them for shipment.
  • The client reduced the shipping and labor costs associated with returns and returns processing.
  • This also reduced the number of calls the customer support team received and increased customer satisfaction translating to a higher number of returning customers.
  • As a bonus, the client reduced the costs of adding new members to his operator workforce, since there is no need for expensive training for using this system in comparison to working with printed orders out of SAP.

Key features:

  • batch picking
  • route optimization
  • ring scanner integration
  • integration with SAP

Industry: Apparel

Technologies: Xamarin Forms, ReactiveUI, C#, Bluetooth, SAP

Tools: Visual Studio, Azure DevOps, AppCenter

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