Network Component of an Infotainment System for Top German Automotive OEM


The project was to develop an infotainment system for a top German Automotive OEM that would be involved in multiple car lines in the entry to mid-level range. Because the intention was to implement this infotainment system over multiple car lines and price ranges, the client wanted to make sure that the system’s networking component–which was responsible for providing connectivity with all the other devices in the car–worked flawlessly.


To achieve this, the client wanted to develop profiling tools and automated testing tools specifically designed for the network component of this infotainment system. These tools were designed to work with the standard communication protocols in a car, like MOST and CAN.

On the development side, there were not only programming languages and frameworks commonly found in this type of project, such as the Vector Suite, but also QT, Python, and client-specific frameworks.


To assist our client’s in achieving their goals, our team members provided their knowledge and experience in both automotive and desktop software development and implemented the following:

  • A network profiling and analysis plugin for an internal testing tool.
  • A complex testing framework for the network layer, including the development of components written in different languages and technologies, and interfacing between these components and the existing tools.
  • MOST Core Compliance tests.
  • A code generator for creating C code from the MOST function catalog.

The software was written in C and C++ for components that had to run on the infotainment system, CAPL, C++, C#, Python using QT, WPF and other client-specific frameworks for components that were running on test machines.


This project allowed the client to successfully create the profiling and the testing environment they originally envisioned and ensure the network component functions flawlessly.

Key features:

  • Development of a network profiling and analysis plugin
  • Complex testing framework for the network layer
  • Implementation of a C code generator from the MOST function catalog

Industry: Automotive

Technologies: C++, C#, WPF, QT, CAPL, Python, CAN, MOST

Tools: Vector CANoe, Visual Studio, QT Designer, TAF, Optolyzer G2 Suite

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