Custom Software Development

As our partner, we help you stay one step ahead of customer expectations and make sure that each interaction you have with your customers is a positive one.

Areas of Expertise

To meet continuously increasing user expectations, your application will undoubtedly become more complex, spreading across additional platforms and devices. Leverage our team’s broad experience to ensure this happens seamlessly.


If it is in your hands or on your body, we can assist you in developing top notch Apps for it. Whether it is an Android or an iOS powered device, we make sure you get an award-winning app that users love.


Web Apps enable users to access your services from anywhere, anytime, and without installing any apps. With our end-to-end solutions we make sure your services have a responsive, cross platform that feel as sleek as a native App.


Although mobile and web platforms have grown a lot, desktop software is still number one when it comes to productivity. We make sure you get a high-quality, intuitive, and easy-to-use desktop application.


Embedded software is a crucial component of the devices we use every day. While it remains behind-the-scenes, it truly makes everything possible. By developing your software to be reliable, fast and compact, we ensure your device stays this way.

Agile Software Development

At Marsner we are using an Agile Software Development Process and this way we support adaptive planning, evolutionary development, continual improvement, early delivery and rapid and flexible response to change.

How agile software development benefits you:

  • Our highest priority is to deliver early and continuous valuable software. This means you will have all the time an working software version.
  • You can make changing requirements, even late in development, because our teams continuously evaluate the requirements, plans, and results and have a natural mechanism for responding to change quickly.
  • You will have a team of developers that work together throughout the project to establish the best architectures, requirements, and designs and to provide technical excellence to generate competitive advantage for your company.
  • You will benefit of sustainable development practices. This means good estimation, automated testing to protect quality, effective branching strategies for managing code, and continuous deployment to get fast feedback.

END-to-END Software Life-cycle

We offer end-to-end software development life-cycle services to assist you, from initial concept through release and deployment to support and maintenance.

Product envisioning and technical strategy

Get the support you need to take your product from idea to execution. By finding the best matching platform, technologies, programming languages, and frameworks, we ensure your product is ready to be brought to market ahead of your competitors.


It's crucial to see your project in action and test critical functionality via a prototype before investing in development. This makes the difference between your product being a "hit" or a "flop".

Road mapping

Every successful product has strong planning behind it. We assist you in requirements gathering and analysis, architecture design and defining the Minimum Viable Product.

UI/UX design

For your customers, the design of your application IS your application. Good design provides a strong foundation and ensures your product exudes energy, creativity, and expertise.

Software engineering

Well-designed and up-gradable architecture and code, tightly coupled with a rigorous testing process will make your product robust, easy to maintain and future ready.

Comprehensive security

Make security one of your strongest assets instead of your weakest link. We support you with tightly integrated security throughout the development life-cycle.

Testing and quality assurance

Think and test today instead of fixing it tomorrow. Testing is fully integrated in our development and with the latest methodologies we strive to completely cover all potential use cases and have a high rate of user interaction.

Release and deployment

Building your product is the first step to make an impact, it must be distributed to users. We support you throughout the entire process of release and deployment.

Technical support

Keeping your users satisfied and assisting them in using your application will ensure that you stay ahead of the game. For this, we offer technical support and complete technical documentation.


In order for your application to stay top notch, we are here to support you in adapting or upgrading you application to meet the latest user needs and requirements.

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