Enhancing the UI of one of the Most Popular Multimedia Application


The client owns a leading multimedia application available for multiple platforms. Although the mobile and cloud versions of the application have received huge traction, the desktop version is still the most used one since it offers more advanced features that the users love.


The client was aiming to increase engagement and attract new users for his desktop application (Microsoft Windows) as well as making it more immersive and dynamic.

The long-established product was a result of many development iterations. Streamlining the interface was due.


The client partnered with Marsner to complete the project, which involved the following components:

  • Re-implementation of the capture component (video and music, from various different sources)
  • Splitting the component to offer a better experience and an intuitive design
  • Re-implementation of the underlying business logic
  • Researching the best testing framework supporting all languages and technologies being used
  • Implementation of the full-screen video capturing component
  • Bug fixing application video downloader


The changes implemented helped the client increase user engagement and reach a broader audience:

  • Re-implemented the capturing component of a popular multimedia application
  • Increased user compliance through improved design and functionality
  • Researched the best framework to make the testing process easier
  • Met all the client’s goals through ongoing, effective communication

It has been highly praised by users in forums and on various platforms. The new product also has been featured in a number of popular IT magazines.

Key features:

  • Increase UI usability
  • Port C++ and MFC GUI code to C# and WPF
  • Integrate with third-party video playback tools

Industry: Automotive

Technologies: C++, C#, CLI, WPF, Boost, Win API, MFC, QT

Tools: Visual Studio, Jira, SVN

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