Consultation and Cost Savings for an Antivirus Company


This project was to research and develop a mobile antivirus and ID protection app. As of the most trusted antivirus companies with over 500 million users, our client also wanted to create one of the first cloud storage apps with integrated antivirus functionality.


The client wanted to gain insight into the Windows Phone platform which at the time was new and work with the Marsner Technologies team members to understand how they could best help users that chose this new platform.


Our team members had followed the platform closely since the first Windows Phone beta SDK was released, so were able to offer support to the client’s mobile antivirus development teams. Marsner Technologies helped the teams understand the possibilities, restrictions, and vulnerabilities on the Windows Phone platform so they were better positioned to truly understand the market need and feasibility of developing an antivirus for this new platform.

After extensive research with our team members, the mobile antivirus developers decided that developing an antivirus for this platform wouldn’t bring the value they had hoped to their user base. Microsoft’s extensive restrictions on the platform meant that the majority of traditional malware protection found on other mobile platforms was impossible to implement on the Windows Phone.

Based on this insight, the client pivoted their strategy, and partnering with one of the biggest and active providers of online and offline identity protection service for the U.S., offered an identity protection tool that would instantly alert users if someone attempted to use their identity. Ultimately, this achieved the original goal and gave their users peace of mind, knowing that their identity is protected at any time both online and offline.

Although classical antivirus protection was not possible for the Windows Phone, an app for identity protection was a feasible option for all three platforms, so the client decided to have its identity protection app running on Android, iOS and the Windows Phone.

Using a test-driven agile approach, our team members were supported by tools like Visual Studio, Jira and Confluence, with programming was done with C#, XAML and the Windows Phone SDK.


Ultimately, Marsner Technologies helped the customer avoid spending unnecessarily large amounts of money and time trying to develop functionality on a platform that was not designed for it. Instead, our team helped the client leverage the services of its identity protection partner and implement an app on the Windows Phone platform, saving costs while coming up with a great solution for their user base.


Following this engagement, our work with this client has extended to managing the development of one of the first cloud storage platform with an integrated antivirus, along with a component that allows users to control this storage from the antivirus interface.

For technical management, our team implemented an agile process and coordinated a team of 4 developers and 2 testers. For the controlling component, C++, COM, WinAPI, and MFC were used.

As the client already offered its users both cloud storage and protection on the devices, the creation of this protected cloud storage was a natural evolution.

Key features:

  • Identity protection app
  • Cloud storage with an integrated antivirus
  • Windows Phone antivirus feasibility research

Industry: Security and Antivirus

Technologies: C++, C#, Java, Win API, Boost, MFC, COM, XAML, Windows Phone SDK, Silverlight, FireBreath

Tools: Visual Studio, Jira, FishEye, Confluence, SVN

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